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Welcome to LVN HEALTHCARE STAFFING Inc, the future of healthcare staffing. We are revolutionizing the way healthcare staffing agency works with facilities. We believe in transparency and simplicity, with LVN HCS. You can confidently budget for your staffing needs without worrying about additional fees. Compared to traditional staffing agencies with complex fee structures.  LVN Healthcare Staffing, serves as a dynamic marketplace where healthcare professionals and healthcare facilities come together. It provides a platform for seamless connection, allowing healthcare providers and facilities to collaborate effectively and efficiently. 

Our Mission

Our mission is straightforward. To provide healthcare facilities with a seamless, direct connection to medical professionals for short-term and per diem jobs. We are committed to achieving this by:

Streamlining the Process: Our intuitive and user-friendly platform allows healthcare facilities to post job opportunities and medical professionals to apply. 

Expanding Your Reach: With a vast and diverse network of medical professionals, we connect you with the right talent, whether you need nurses, physicians, allied health professionals, or administrative staff. 

Ensuring Quality Care: We prioritize quality by thoroughly vetting all medical professionals in our network. You can trust that the individuals you hire through LVN Healthcare Staffing meet the highest standards of competence and professionalism.


What Sets Us Apart:

Laurel / CEO & Founder. 

As a nurse I have an understanding of the effects of high placement fees on healthcare facilities and healthcare professionals. My goal of creating LVN Healthcare staffing is to not only address nursing shortages but to also demonstrate a commitment to affordability, transparency, and quality care.  By providing cost-effective staffing solutions to help healthcare facilities maximize their budgets without compromising on quality and allowing healthcare facilities to hire more staff. This allows nurses a lighter workload in order to spend more time with patients, provide quality and effective care, and to ensure nurses are fairly compensated for their dedication and expertise. We offer opportunities for career growth, training, and development to help nurses take their careers to new heights. Our flat rate fee structure significantly reduce placement expenses, enabling healthcare facilities to allocate more resources to patient care and other essential needs. Facilities can confidently plan and budget for staffing expenses knowing that our transparent fee remains consistent.  We maintain our commitment to providing healthcare facilities with highly qualified nurses who meet your specific requirements.  

Our Story

It all began with Laurel, a seasoned nurse who spent years working on the frontlines of healthcare. She had witnessed the challenges of nurses shortages, the struggles of healthcare facilities in finding the right professionals, and the toll this took on patient care. Laurel’s experience and her unwavering dedication to patient well-being inspired her to take action. Laurel envisioned a staffing agency that is different, one that would prioritize quality care, fairness for healthcare professionals, and affordability for healthcare facilities. The vision was clear: to bridge the gap between nurses seeking meaningful work and healthcare facilities in need of skilled professionals. Laurel has over 10 years of staffing experiences in  the area of staffing doctors and nurses. LVN Healthcare Staffing agency’s commitment to transparency and affordability led to the creation of straightforward fee structure. LVN Healthcare Staffing aimed to simplify the staffing process for healthcare facilities. 

Our Core Value

Our core values are the guiding principles that define who we are as an agency, how we operate, and the unwavering commitment we have to our clients and nursing professionals. These values serve as the foundation of our agency and shape every aspect of our work:

Our Plan & Working Style


Receive Notifications of Request

Easy and fast to get started. Register and get approve with just a few clicks. 


After Approved

Upon approval, unlock access to notifications for high-paying job opportunities. Maximize your earning potential with alerts tailored to your skills and experience. 


Get Paid

Experience the satisfaction of prompt payment. Get compensated swiftly for your hard work and dedication.


Seize Control of Your Schedule

Book jobs for short or long-term assignments. Work on your terms, tailoring your commitments to fit your lifestyle and preferences. 

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