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Fast and easy steps to get started. On the top right, hover your mouse over “Job Seeker” then select Job Seeker Login, from there you can register and create an account or login.  You will get a confirmation link in the email you provided when creating your account. After you confirm your email, you will then be able to upload your resume, save jobs, apply and employers will be able to view your profile and many more. 

What are the advantages of hiring LVN Healthcare Staffing Inc.?

Hiring LVN Healthcare Staffing, offers a better and faster placement. We offer several advantages for your facilities and organizations, such as: 

  1. Flexibility that allows your facilities to address fluctuations in patient volumes, seasonal demands, or unexpected staff shortages. Our Temporary staff can cover gaps without committing to permanent hires.
  2. Rapid Response in times of emergencies or sudden increases in patient load, LVN Healthcare staffing Inc, can connect your facility with professionals to ensure patient care isn’t compromised.
  3. Specialized Skills: Our agency can connect you with professionals possessing specialized skills that can be available in-house. 
  4. Cost Efficiency: Our temporary staffing can be more cost effective than hiring full-time employees. We handle the recruitment, onboarding, and administrative tasks, reducing your HR workload.
  5. Reduced Burnout: Staff shortages can lead to burnout among existing employees who are forced to take on heavier workloads. Our temporary staff can help distribute the workload and prevent burnout.
  6. Coverage for Leaves: Our temporary staffing services is here to cover open shifts when regular staff members go on leave, whether due to vacations or medical reasons.
  7. Diverse Expertise: Our staffing agencies can connect you with professionals from various backgrounds and experiences, enriching your organization’s overall expertise. 
  8. Reduced Recruitment Time: We have databases of pre-screened candidates, which can significantly reduce the time and effort required to find suitable replacements.
  9. Fast and Reliable Staffing:  Time is of the essence when it comes to healthcare staffing. We take pride in its swift response time and round-the clock availability, ensuring you never face shortages in critical situations. Count on us to deliver dependable staffing solutions whenever you need them most. 
  10. Regulatory Compliance: We ensure that the professionals we provide are properly licensed, certified, and compliant with industry regulations.

Yes! contact your assigned recruiter for details.

Per diem nursing provides the flexibility to select shifts that suit your schedule. This especially beneficial if you have personal commitments, are pursuing additional education, or have other part-time responsibilities. You can work as much or as little as you want, giving you more control over your work-life balan

Requirements are based on specialty and health system. Please contact your recruiter for details specific to your area of expertise.

Yes! The beauty of this flexible way of working is that you can grow your resume at multiple locations to maximize your career growth.

Yes! LVN Healthcare Staffing specializes in both short-term and long-term contracts, from one day to 13-weeks.

Yes. You can be very specific about your preferences in terms of locations, schedule and other details of your assignment. You will be assigned a personal recruiter who will work with you from submission of your profile to placement at the facility.  This is simply customizing the assignment to be as close as possible to your requests. 

Submission of the required documents of the nurse up to the Hospital’s or Nursing home approval, it typically takes 1 week. Then another week to onboard and orient the healthcare staff. In general, it takes about 15 days from submission to placement of the staff. The faster you complete your documents, the faster to your dream job! LVN Healthcare Staffing follows all client, state, and federal requirements for credentialing.

We work with many healthcare providers, including a large amount of exclusive health systems. We are excited to help you build your resume.

For a start, we will require the following documentations: detailed Resume, nursing or physician license, BLS from the American Heart Association, 2 clinical references and other certificates required per your specialty such as PALS for an ER RN, ACLS for Telemetry and ICU nurses.  You may also include your Medical Records if available (Physical exam taken within the last 12 months, TB test and/or Chest XRay and Immunization records).

You are required to take a drug screen prior to starting an assignment.

Please reach out to your facility leader. In addition, our clinical team is available 24/7 to support you.

Canceling a shift may leave the facility in a difficult position. If an emergency arises, please contact your recruiter right away or call (661) 607-5668

Jobs submitted are posted within 24 to 48 hours after reviewed for approval by administrator.

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